Alexandra Truitt Freelance Picture Research and Permissions
Jerry Marshall Freelance Picture Research and Permissions

Alexandra Truitt & Jerry Marshall provide Photo Research, Rights Clearance & Permissions services for:

Publishers, Authors, Graphic Designers, Advertising Agencies, Video Production Companies, and other Businesses and Industries.

We research, locate and acquire photos, video or audio content, and clear their rights & permissions for legal use in: Books, Magazines, Newspapers, Film & TV, Advertising & Marketing campaigns, Websites, Apps, Museum Exhibits, Trade Shows, etc.

- Visual Content Specialists

- Picture Research

- Photo Editing

- Rights Clearance & Permissions

- Project Management

- Always Within Deadline & Budget

- Vast Experience for Numerous Clients

Extensive experience working on a huge range of projects covering any subject and scope, always within client budget and deadline. We undertake projects ranging is size from single image trade book covers, and trade book inserts with a few dozen photos, all the way up to textbooks requiring 1,000 plus photos or videos, and multi-media projects such as advertising campaigns, websites and videos:

- Textbooks (College & K-12)

- Trade Books (Fiction & Non-Fiction, Covers & Inserts)

- Magazines & Newspapers

- E-Books & Electronic Media

- Advertising

- Web Pages & Apps

- Authors, Researchers & Historians

- Brochures & Catalogues

- Calendars & Note Cards

- Corporate Reports

- Documentaries, Film & Music Videos


Excellent relationships with thousands of commercial and non-commercial multimedia content sources worldwide such as: Stock Agencies, Photographers, Private Individuals, Libraries, Museums, Historical Societies, Companies, Authors, Agents, Publishers, NGOs, Charities, Government Agencies, Tourism Authorities, and Academic sources.​

Fully current with all the Creative Commons licenses, and the legal use of images from Flickr, Wikimedia and other web sources, and the need of original sourcing for Public Domain material.

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